Talk-Less Teaching

‘Teacher talk’, or the dialogue we have with our learners every day, is the most powerful, flexible tool at our disposal.   This highly popular training is not about reducing ‘teacher talk’ as a matter of course; it is about acknowledging the power of the dialogue we have and thinking about reducing the kind of teacher talk that can get in the way of learners making great progress.  This course focuses on giving teachers practical strategies to create more opportunities for learners to be at the helm of purposeful discussion, engaging them in practical, hands-on learning opportunities and collecting and utilising feedback during the lesson to help shape pace, challenge and impact.   

During the day we will explore practical strategies to:

  • Maximise engagement and participation in whole-class, small group and one-to-one questioning

  • Make the most of peer-teaching and collaborative learning opportunities

  • Raise the quality of peer-to-peer discussion and feedback

  • Gather representative feedback during the lesson about learners’ progress

  • Set clear expectations about standards and content of work to avoid ‘spoon-feeding’ and over-explaining

  • Engage and motivate all learners (even the reluctant ones!) to play an active role in all learning opportunties