Stretch & Challenge:

The New  Differentiation

When we think about differentiation, we often think about catering for what our learners are  capable of doing, or creating learning opportunities that may be suitable for  current attainment or target levels.  This course seeks to shift the focus from catering for attainment and target levels to seeking out challenge opportunities for all learners in all lessons. 


During the day we will explore practical strategies to:

  •  Motivate and engage all pupils in challenging learning opportunities

  • Establish routines and resources to support learners when they get “stuck” in a challenge

  • Raise the confidence of learners who are resistant to challenge or over-rely on adult support when faced with challenge

  • Make the most of paired and collaborative learning challenge opportunities

  • Gather and utilise feedback to ensure that all learners are stretched and supported accordingly

  • Increase the impact and reach of questions as a stretch and challenge tool