No Passengers Allowed:

Active Participation & Progress for All

In order for our learners to make excellent progress, there needs to be a clear ethos and expectation that they will be working harder than the teacher in the classroom.  This course provides a wide range of realistic, practical learning and teaching strategies that will do away with the “passengers” in our lessons and reduce the capacity for students to coast along in their learning.  We will focus on active learning strategies that will engage and challenge all your learners while reducing  the “risk” that some learners feel in participating in lessons.  With an emphasis on both individual and collaborative learning opportunities, teachers will leave armed with strategies to build and sustain high expectations and see fantastic progress for all learners.

During the day we will explore practical strategies to:

  • Explore high-impact questioning  that ensures engagement and  provides representative feedback

  • Ensure active participation of all learners, with nowhere to "hide" or opt-out of learning

  • Challenge and support learners of all attainment levels 

  • Engage and motivate even the most reluctant participants

  • Utilise multi-directional feedback to optimise learning opportinties and progress